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The National Navigation Award Scheme

The National Navigation Award is a practical hands-on award. It is aimed at people with no navigation experience, whether you are new to the outdoors or have been relying on others, guidebooks or easy well-defined routes. The NNAS Bronze Award is accredited by the Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at Level 4, and 2 SCQF credit points are awarded on completion.

The Bronze Award syllabus teaches navigation in the countryside using paths tracks and other linear features. Basic map interpretation and compass work is also included.

The Silver Award will take those who hold the Bronze Award, and an appropriate period of consolidation through personal experience, to the next level. The award focuses on navigation in the countryside using Bronze level navigation skills but adding the skills requited to navigate to features and places away from paths and tracks. Accurate compass work is required and an ability to use appropriate navigation techniques to travel cross country. If you are already confident at map reading and can follow paths and tracks then it may be best to start with the Silver Award.

Our Navigation Training weekends are based on the South Downs and/or the scenic Ashdown Forest in East Sussex and are very convenient for London. We are accredited NNAS assessors and the schemes are validated to a national standard. We currently offer both Bronze and Silver level awards.

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Pay £105.00 - NNAS Bronze Award
Pay £105.00 - NNAS Silver Award
Pay £210.00 - NNAS Bronze & Silver Award
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Course Details

Course Name: Bronze NNAS Award
Course Aim: Achieve NNAS Bronze Award Certification
Course Duration: 2 Days
Course Price: £105.00 per person

Course Name: Silver NNAS Award
Course Aim: Achieve NNAS Silver Award Certification
Course Duration: 2 Days
Course Price: £105.00 per person

The Navigation Training weekend does not include accommodation but this can be arranged on request.

Bronze National Navigation Award Syllabus

By the end of the training you should be able to:

  • Navigate using a variety of maps and scales.
  • Use 4 and 6 figure grid references with worded descriptions to define the position of a map feature and to locate a feature on the ground.
  • Orientate the map using handrails, obvious point features and major landforms.
  • Use linear features (e.g. paths, tracks, clear boundaries) as handrails in simple navigation exercises.
  • Relate prominent landforms such as large hills and valleys to corresponding contour information on the map.
  • Orientate the map by aligning a compass needle against grid north and be aware that magnetic variation causes an inaccuracy.
  • Use an orientated map to confirm direction of travel.
  • Use clearly identifiable features to confirm position along the route and to recognise when the target has been overshot.
  • Measure horizontal distance on the map and estimate distance on the ground using timing, pacing and simple visual judgements e.g.100m.
  • Plan and implement simple routes and navigation strategies based on the above skills.
  • Recognise a navigation error within a few minutes and apply simple relocation techniques using handrails and prominent features.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of local and national access issues, access legislation, personal responsibilities and the Countryside Code.
  • Demonstrate appropriate knowledge of walking equipment, safety equipment and emergency procedures.

Silver National Navigation Award Syllabus

By the end of the training you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate and apply a sound knowledge of the Bronze level skills.
  • Devise a strategy for a navigational stage, to break it down into 'coarse' and 'fine' navigation and to use clear features en route to check that they are 'on course'.
  • Understand and apply the following components of a navigational strategy 'aiming off', 'attack points', 'collecting features', simplifying navigation, and apply them in varying terrain.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of contour features, both large and small, on the map and on the ground.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the navigation physical and factors affecting route choice.
  • Judge distance accurately on the map and on the ground.
  • Plan a safe walk or route involving Silver award skills and strategies.
  • Employ simple relocation strategies when lost.
  • Use a compass to follow accurate bearings and to check the direction of footpaths or other linear features on both map and ground.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the effects of fatigue and physical discomfort brought on by navigating in demanding countryside and/or extreme weather condition. Knowledge of basic first aid is also expected.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of the Countryside Code and current access legislation as for the Bronze level together with an appreciation of basic environmental factors in mixing 'man with nature' (e.g. footpath erosion and methods of dealing with it), and responsibilities towards other countryside interests like farming, forestry and conservation.

Important Information

Please review the important documents below.

Hire Navigation Training Kit
Printable Kit ListWhat To Wear and Bring for the Weekend
Booking Terms and Conditions
Medical/Consent Form - Please print, complete and bring with you to the course.

Instructor Profiles

Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson


Steve is an International Mountain Leader and NNAS course Director with experience of expeditions to the Himalayas, Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, Mount Toubkal, Greenland, South America and Pyrenees. He regularly coaches and assesses Duke of Edinburgh groups to gold level, trains & assesses the NNAS Navigation Award, delivers climbing instruction and leads treks & expeditions.

Steve Wilson Qualifications


Stuart Howard

Allan Strong


Allan is a Mountain Leader and NNAS Instructor and Course Director who has a wealth of experience leading groups in the mountains of the UK. He has been involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme for 17 years and many of the young people who he has guided through to gold level continue to work as leaders. He has delivered the BEL award (Basic Expedition Leader) to train new leaders including those who have gone through DofE scheme. He is also instructs archery, indoor climbing and leads off-road Biking on the South Downs.

Allan Strong Qualifications