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Go-Bar High Energy Snack

Go-Bar High Energy Snack
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A nutritious high energy snack that is ideal for athletes and people with active lifestyles Best suited for pre- or post-training; ideal for multi-day events.
High carbohydrate snack sourced from oats, rice, corn, and real fruit, providing a consistent energy release; the oats also provide a good source of soluble fibre.

Low in fat: GO Bars typically contain less then 2 grams of fat per 65 grams bar Each bar is fortified with vitamins and minerals to be in balance with its energy content No added sugar - naturally
Added MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are derived from coconut oil, which provide an extra, easily used energy source for ultra-endurance athletes.


65 g bar


Go-Bar High Energy Snack Go-Bar High Energy Snack


Never has fast food tasted so good, yet been packed with carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals

103 - High Energy Bar