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4 Season Plus Down Sleeping Bag

4 Season Plus Down Sleeping Bag
Hire Charges:  
Two Day Hire: £27.00
One Week Hire: £40.50
Two Week Hire: £54.00
The RRP is:£309.00
So You Save Up To£282.00

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This is a down sleeping bag rated to be comfortable down to at least -15°C. Down sleeping bags are great, they are lightweight, pack down smaller than synthetic filled sleeping bags and are fantastically warm.

When you need a top quality 4 season plus sleeping bag that will keep you comfortable down to -15°C, hire one from us and get one of the best down sleeping bags in the UK. These sleeping bags are perfect for Everest Base Camp treks and, if you feel the cold, for Kilimanjaro too.

Hire Package

The hire package consists of one 4 Season Plus Down Sleeping Bag. Colours and brands may vary from images.



Weight: Between 1300g and 1700g
Comfort Temp: -15° to -18°
272 - 4 Season Plus Down Sleeping Bag