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Black Diamond Belay Pack

Black Diamond Belay Pack
Hire Charges:  
Two Day Hire: £6.00
One Week Hire: £6.00
Two Week Hire: £6.00
The RRP is:£32.95
So You Save Up To£26.95

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The Black Diamond Big Air XP Package is an essential belay/rappel package featuring the multiple-friction ATC-XP. The ATC-XP maintains the silky-smooth feeding of the ATC but ups the braking power thanks to its grooved rope slots. The Mini Pearabiner screwgate karabiner is a compact, lightweight locker with a non-snagging keylock nose and a large rope-bearing surface for smooth belays and rappels.

  • ATC-XP belay/rappel device
  • Mini Pearabiner screwgate karabiner
  • High-friction mode on ATC-XP offers greater hold and stopping power

Hire Package

The hire package consists of one belay plate and karabiner. Colours may vary from images.

Black Diamond Belay Pack


  • Weight: 158g
225 - Belay Plate and Karabiner